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HGV DRIVER - South West

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Why did you decide to become a HGV Driver with Civils & Lintels?

I completed my HGV driver license privately to transport my horses to the competitions. I used to work in restaurants, but I wanted a change in career, and it seemed like a good idea to become a driver as I love driving and thought it would be something I would really enjoy.

What are the best bits about being a HGV driver?

I mostly have long runs, which I love, I get to see a lot of the countryside. Everyday is different, different sites and get to meet different people, it keeps it really interesting.

What skills do you feel you have learned from your role as a HGV driver? 

When you are driver a lorry you need to pay more attention to little things, and your observation skill improves so much more , I have become far more aware.

 What advice would you give to someone who may want to start a career in driving?

Give it a go, it’s a great job, it give's you a lot of time for yourself and mentally can chill you out and relax specially in a company like this, its been really lovely here at C&L.

Interested in HGV Driver opportunities with Civils & Lintels? Our opening hours are 7am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, so no late evening shifts or Saturday rotas. Take a look at some of the vacancies we have available.


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What do you like about your role at C&L? What gives you job satisfaction?

I get excited everyday about work; you do not know what the day will bring. As a salesperson, the buzz of progressing long-term customer relationships, building trust, and winning orders ignites the flames, while learning new skills gives total satisfaction.

How did you get to your position? Any advice for others?

Having worked between three different businesses within the group has given me a greater understanding of how different businesses work. I would advise anyone not to be scared to jump outside of their comfort zone and grab every opportunity or training initiative to increase your knowledge, skills and to make sure to embrace change.

What do you like about C&L?

Civils and Lintels is a great business to work for, feeling like a family company but within a PLC environment. Having a business that the senior leadership team trusts your integrity and lets you do what you do and trusting you to do this. Which in turn gets the best out of everyone, making this a great business to be involved with.

How can diversity help an organisation such as C&L?

Diversity within Civils & Lintels helps in many ways including higher employee engagement and reducing employee turnover. It creates innovation within the business, as working alongside people from different backgrounds, experiences and working styles creatives different ways of thinking. As an employee I feel comfortable and happy knowing I am in a business where inclusivity is a priority.


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What does your role involve working at Civils & Lintels?

I am the Hr Operations Advisor at C&L, my job is a very varied, it can involve dealing with all changes and leavers for the business as well as dealing with new starters, to ensuring everyone is doing their training and having their reviews! I also look after C&L HR Systems.

What do you like about your role? What gives you job satisfaction?

Everyday has different challenges! I love being a point of contact for our colleagues this gives me great satisfaction when I can answer their queries and solve problems.

How did you get to your position? Any advice for others?

I started in HR as an unpaid intern in London, originally from Portugal and came to the UK for a 3 months Erasmus placement. My advice would be to do an apprenticeship or placement in HR. It’s a great way to learn about all the different legal aspects of the role. If you enjoy dealing with people, problem solving and a passion for helping others, this is the job for you!

What do you like about C&L?

Civils & Lintels is like a family! We all supports each other, and everyone is friendly and helpful. You look after your colleagues and you can bet that they will look after you.

How can diversity help an organisation such as C&L?

Diversity is great in any company; different backgrounds mean different experiences which leads to different ideas. Having a diverse workplace, will help increase employee retention leading to better performances and a better workplace culture.


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What do you like about your role at C&L? What gives you job satisfaction?

It is a chance to progress my career as well as learn new things. What gives me job satisfaction is knowing that we are succeeding and improving from where we were in the past.

How did you get to your position? Any advice for others?

I worked my way up from being a yard lad in my teens, to being a sales manager, Depot Manager and now I am a BDM. I have always had the passion and drive to succeed . My advice for anyone else my age would be there is no step too big and if you believe you are the right fit for a certain role, you should back yourself and take the opportunity with both hands regardless.

What do you like about C&L?

C&L is like one big family, everyone wants to help one another. The colleagues throughout the company are friendly and everyone seems to be on the same wavelength. It’s a company that makes you feel wanted, really do look after their colleagues, whether that’s little gifts at certain times of the year or being able to call anyone for help & advice whenever you need it.

How can diversity help an organisation such as Civils & Lintels?

Diversity is extremely important, helping to create more innovative ideas and a more productive working environment. Also can improve customer service levels as you deal with different people each and every day and is one of the main cogs in a successful business.


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What does your role involve at Civils & Lintels?

One of the main areas of my role is directing the region in line with the Senior Leadership teams’ goals. At C&L we like to ensure that everyone in the business can be their own person, but at the same time it is my role to ensure everyone is going in the right direction in order to reach the companies goals. I always welcome pushback and new ideas.

What do you like about your role? What gives you job satisfaction?

One of the things that motivates me is seeing someone reach their full potential. Seeing an individual succeed through hard work and determination gives me job satisfaction. Also building an effective team; having the right people in the right roles can really transform a depot, and the performance of the region.

How did you get to your position? Any advice for others?

I’ve had a variety of roles in my career and have evolved and grown by listening to feedback – both positive and negative – and the best piece of advice I can offer is “if you don’t listen, you don’t learn.” The ability to listen and then put into practise what you’ve learnt is what has helped me progress throughout my career so far.

What do you like about C&L?

It is like a family, and we all work as a team, sharing learnings and celebrating successes. It’s important to me to feel like you belong, and that you can trust the people you work with, which I have done in the 15  years of working at C&L.